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Direct Bank Transfer
When you choose to pay via bank transfer, please follow the next instructions carefully.

1. Buy your ticket(s) in the DISTILLERY STORE and select ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ as your payment method. Shortly after your reservation you will receive a confirmation email with a message that informs you that the order has successfully been placed.

2. Now transfer the correct amount to our bank account

BE19 0689 3078 1412

Please make sure that you mention your ORDER-ID in the reference (for example ‘#6656’), otherwise we can not identify you. Every deposit without an ID will be restituted immediately.

3. Unpaid orders will expire after 4 days, we recommend you to deposit the payment right after you receive the email. Keep in mind that there can be a time between the moment of deposit and acceptance.

4. Be advised that the deposit has to be made at least 24h before the start of the event, every amount that comes in after this deadline will be restituted and your order will be cancelled.

5. If everything went well, you will receive your download-ticket email. Check your spam as well. If you followed every instruction but didn’t receive this email, please contact us.

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Other methods
You can also pay by using Bancontact/Mister Cash and Credit Card. Depending on the chosen method, a small fee will be asked.

If you choose one of these methods,  you will receive the e-ticket instantly after your payment. Check your spam as well. 

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