∞ e-tickets

This package is COMPLETELY FREE for you as event organizer, in exchange, a fee of 0,50€/ticket is asked to the people who are joining your event.

A free member of our team will be present at the entrance to guide you through the scanning process via our app.

Choose this one if you want a free, quick and simple service or if the concept of e-ticketing is new to you and you want to try it out! Notice that you can sell your tickets online but at the same time, still distribute the old-fashioned paper tickets.



If you don’t want to charge your audience an extra fee on top of the ticket price, choose one of our RED packages.
This price includes a free member of our team who will inform and support (at the event) the people who will do the scanning process via our app!

(For 2000+ tickets, please contact us for a taylor-made price)

REGULAR (≤ 600 e-tickets)     119

ADVANCED (≤ 2000 e-tickets)     139


If you want us to do the complete ticket selling and scanning process, select one of our YELLOW packages. We will be joining you at the entrance of your event!
Note that this is the same as a RED package + a complete scanning team.

(For 2000+ tickets, please contact us for a taylor-made price)

REGULAR (≤ 600 e-tickets)     249

ADVANCED (≤ 2000 e-tickets)     425

(All our prices are tax included)



Reach out to more people faster and easier with only one link to the store instead of manual distribution. Scan a simple QR-code at the entrance for shorter lines and happier people.


Abandon cash money. Let your attendees pay cashless and relieve yourself from counting every single coin. We even provide the possibility to pay via direct bank transfer without extra transaction fee which is quite unique in this branche.


Because every ticket is linked to an ID, you can easily check the age or certain membership of an attendee and prevent resales at higher prices. Notice that attendees can never lose their ticket as well.


One of our greatest strengths is flexibility, we listen to your wishes and adjust every sale. Vip-, early bird- and group tickets, discount codes, specific age control and membership control are only a few examples of functionalities we recently provided.


Let the modern day technology handle the sale situation; let it calculate your profits, the expected number of attendees and get updates whenever you want.


The Earth is (still) our only home, so it is time we start to threat it with the respect it deserves. Let’s start off by saving trees and avoiding the old-fashioned paper tickets.


Still not convinced? Just let us know where and when your next meeting is and we’ll be there to answer all your questions!